We render services in repair of details of the industrial, printing, food, conveyor equipment, details of special equipment, ship details, household appliances

Details from difficult alloys, cast iron, alpax, alumec, tempered steel and many other things

* Restoration of the lost metal volumes (repair of defects of molding, mechanical defects of details): seats of bearings, epiploons, shaft, scratches and chips on rods of hydraulic cylinders, restoration of antiquarian details, seats on shaft of rotors of electric motors and bearing boards, shaft of screw compressors, shaft of washing machines and other household appliances

* Sealing of leaks of liquids and gases: cracks in transmissions, blocks of cylinders, aluminium  radiators, conditioners, steam generators, repair of plastic capacities, fuel tanks, repair of cracks in pig-iron exhaust collectors

* Spraying  electroconductive coverings on metals (copper on aluminum tires and contacts) and plastic (tin)

* Spraying underlayers for the soldering (copper on aluminum, steel, etc.)

* Anticorrosive protection: restoration of the damaged zinc covering of bodies of cars (back arches, roofs, doors), elimination of through openings on a car body

If YOU were tired of a rust on your favourite car and there is no trust to traditional ways of fight against corrosion, then offer you a new method of removal of a rust and the subsequent spraying a new thick zinc covering on body details.

The zinc covering is put by means of technology of a cold spraying of powder of zinc.


1. Small heating of a detail (it is possible to apply zinc even near rubber and plastic details)

2. Thickness of a zinc covering is from 50 to 500 microns

3. High coupling of a covering with the main metal.

4. A possibility of filling with zinc of small through holes to 1 cm in the diameter. It isn’t necessary to change a detail entirely!

5. Guarantee for a zinc covering of 5 years. Beginning the prices from 50 euros.

Also we carry out 1. Repair of seats on any shaft on epiploons, bearings 2. Repair of tubes of conditioners, hydraulic boosters, radiators, cases, pallets 3. Repair of scratches, dents on rods of hydraulic cylinders 4. Repair of seats of bearings in reducers, blocks of cylinders 5. and many other things

Advantages of our method are:

1. Small heating of a detail that excludes a buckling and change of the geometrical sizes of difficult details (it is very important for aluminum and its alloys). Small heating allows to pressurize fuel tanks without dismantle if the place of defect is available.

2. A possibility of restoration of thin-walled details beginning 0.1 mm from thickness

3. Lack of oxidation of the applied material

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