Riparazione di un tubo dal condizionatore d’aria di automobile

Quick repair of aluminum tubes from car air conditioner.
Due to the low temperature of the powder metal application process, it is possible to seal any kind of defects. Which arose from mechanical damage or chemical corrosion of aluminum due to condensate.
The tube must be removed from the vehicle.
Theoretically and practically it is possible not to remove the tube from the car if there is access for repair. This saves the client time and money. Sometimes the tube can break when dismantled due to passion.
But there is a risk that too much powder will enter the tube during the metal application process. Abrasive particles in the powder can cause rapid wear of the compressor.

Such information is on the Internet. But in all 12 years of activity, we have not had such an occasion.
Since 2012, to improve the quality of repairs, it was decided to take only dismantled tubes for repair.

Leak check:
After the metal is applied, the ends of the tube are closed, compressed air is supplied inside, the tube is lowered into water. If there are no air bubbles at the repair site, then the repair was successful.
We recommend that each customer flush the tube after repair. Isopropyl or ethyl alcohol is well suited.

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