Proffesional manual and CNC operating Cold Gas Dynamic Spray DYMET 423


The DYMET model 423 is designed for the deposition of aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, lead metal coatings. It can be operated manually or installed in automated and robotic systems. It is also capable of sand-blasting surfaces.


Maximum compressed air input pressure 12 bar (170 psi)
Compressed air consumption 0.3-0.4 m3/min
Compressed air purity free of water and oil
Compressed air operating pressure
(inside Spraying Gun DM45) 5 – 8 bar (70-120 psi)
Compressed air operating temperature
(in the input of the nozzle) 200 – 600 °C
Power supply:
One-phase alternate current of 50±1 Hz and 220 V
Maximum power consumption 3.3 kW
Noise level in operation without shielded box not exceed 75 dB
Powder consumption 0,1-0,8 g/sec
Time required to reach operating condition no more than 10 seconds
Dimensions of the equipment :
Rack assembly – 550х260х480 mm
Spraying Gun (with handle) – 450х80х175 mm
Spraying Gun (without handle) – 450х64 mm
Total mass of the equipment – 20 kg
Spraying Gun (with handle) – 1,7 kg


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