Our experience

Our company has been providing services and selling  cold spraying equipment since 2008. During this time we have collected photos and video of the works.
Here are collected only small part of our work.

Tips for successful cold spraying tasks.

On what the quality of restoration of internal and external seats on the shafts of bearings and gland seals depends.

1. Good surface preparation is the key to success by 50%. Solvent degreasing and  abrasive cleaning. If the shaft worked in oil, then the oil was deeply absorbed and it is necessary, after degreasing with a solvent, to warm the part to 250 degrees so that the oil evaporates. And then make abrasive surface cleaning.
2. It is also necessary to know the hardness of the material, on a very hard surface the adhesion is low. The correct hardness point before the start of work is another 10% success.
3. Correct turning preparation. For example, if the defects are uneven in circumference and the coating after turning is islands, that is, the risk of peeling off. Therefore, before the metal is applied, it is necessary to turn the shaft, if possible. This is another 10% success.
4. If the shaft wear is greater than 0.2 – 0.3   mm per radius side, the cohesion of the material is reduced. Correct assessment of surface wear level 10% more
5. The correct selection of the temperature sequence during the spraying process is another 10%. High temperature cannot be switched on immediately. Each new layer with a higher temperature.
6. Correct selection of powder consumption during coating. Each next layer is applied at a slightly higher powder flow rate. That’s another 10%.
7. You also need to know the operating conditions of the shaft, high RPM increases the load on the landing place and eats the risk of detachment.

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